Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow Blowing, In A Good Way!

We're not the only people who's view is improved by a nice blanket of snow! This courtyard usually is a muddy brown, grass-less poop zone! In fact, those tracks in the picture are probably from one of our neighbors' dogs going out for a little defecating fun!

Philly got a nice snowfall last night, and as a result I am home from work today! It's 12:10pm and I am still in my PJ's listening to Christmas music and playing on the computer! Best. Day. Ever! My office wasn't closed or anything. Dr. SOB has been having a little car trouble, and today the proverbial shit hit the fan. Beginning last monday, his brake lights wouldn't go off. Ever. This results in the draining of the battery every time he is not actively driving the car. This car is only about 18 months old, so really there shouldn't be any major problems with it yet. Volkswagen, who manufactured said vehicle, said maybe they could squeeze us in for service appointment on the 26th. Ass-hats, all of them. So the Dr., being the super genius he is, discovered that if you pull up on the brake pedal, the lights go off. So he's been stuffing a roll of paper towels under the brake pedal when he parks and that's been working fine. Until this morning. I woke up around 3am to pee, for the 17th time, and looked outside to monitor the snow, and there were no brake lights visible on his car. By 6am, they were on again, and his battery was dead. Now because of the paper towel fix, he parked his car in the garage nose in. He went outside to dig out the garage and then jump his car with mine, which required that he move his car out of the garage. Instead of asking me to steer while he pushed it, he just figured it would go straight if he aligned the wheel first. WRONG! He smashed his mirror into the side of the garage and broke it clean off. This resulted in the shouting of various swear words for the young and old to enjoy. So I told him to take my car and I would sacrifice my work day, boo hoo! When he finally got to work, half of his co-workers didn't show up, and so he is busy as shit and in a bit of a snit. And he has to work tonight at the other hospital! This is going to be a great fucking weekend!

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