Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day 2

Today is the second day I've been off of work on maternity leave. Overall, it's been pleasant, but weird. By 10:00pm last night, I was so exhausted. I was having symptoms like jet lag, and it felt like everything I had spent all day doing I really had only starting doing at 4:00, which was when I used to get home from work. On the plus side, I have slept so incredibly well these past two nights. I have always been a troubled sleeper, and most of my sleep problems are tied to anxiety about waking up. I don't function well on short periods of sleep, so anytime I would get to bed late or couldn't fall asleep right away, I would have anxiety attacks about not getting enough rest. Obnoxious, I know. I actually sought behavioral therapy for it, which worked to a point, but it made me kind of neurotic about bedtime routines. Just ask anyone who's ever called me after 9:00pm. But for the last 2 days, I have had no trouble falling asleep and no insanity over what time I go to bed because I know I can wake up whenever I damn well feel like it! Loving it! I should not get used to this, though, because soon there will be an unpredictable screaming little package to rob me of my sleep and hand deliver my anxiety attacks. Good times!

On monday night, my boobs started leaking. I was in bed reading a baby book, and all of a sudden, I felt this dripping sensation. Lo and behold, it was coming out of my nipples. Dr. SOB totally lost his shit! It was great! Speaking of leaky boobs, if you fellas out there who are still reading this would like a more masculine perspective on this whole 'having a baby' thing, you should check out the Anti-Blog by Dave. His discussion of our breastfeeding class is awesome!

I went to the doctor's yesterday, and for the second time in a row he was called to perform an emergency delivery during my appointment. This time, however, I was having an internal exam and he ran out of the door while I was still in the stirrups. I felt so used! The thing that sucked the most about this was that I got no time for Q and A. He said 'everything looks OK' and left. What?!? I need details, please! I need a diagram of my cervix and an intricate description of everything that is going on in there. I have been a very laid back patient up to this point, but now that the reality of the situation is starting to settle in I NEED INFORMATION! Next week I better get a full 15 minutes, or someone is getting their ass kicked!

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Lora said...

thanks for making dave a star!! that will be more pressure to post again. i think he has something on edit- so check back soon, faithful readers!
congrats on the leakage! and on the sleep! i love fridays because i am looking down the barrel of two stress-free nights. i would kill for early maternity leave, but i would die a poor, poor woman.