Thursday, January 19, 2006

Icky Sticky

Warning: this blog is likely to get a lot more personal in the up coming days, weeks, months. If you only come here to check out pictures of hot bitches, you might want to go elsewhere. Now. Seriously, don't read another sentence.

Ok. So one of the reasons for the new level of personal detail is that I am now going to be going to the doctor weekly, and I'll be getting my cervix checked at each visit. So expect updates. Also, since the little bastard has dropped, I feel like I'm walking around with a cantaloupe in my crotch. His head is snuggled nicely right against my tailbone, which makes me feel like my colon is compressed at all times. So far, it's the most unpleasant sensation I've had since becoming pregnant. If you see me, you'll notice that my gait has changed to accommodate this new physical deformation of my pelvic region. I walk around looking like I desperately have to poop. It's awesome!

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1 comment:

Ma-Riss said...

You are awesome!!!!!! I can't wait to meet this little bastard!!!!