Monday, January 23, 2006

A Lot of Ground to Cover

First things first, Happy Birthday Dr. SOB! I know you don't read this, but maybe someone who does didn't know it was your birthday and now they do! I love you bunches! Today is also my Grammy's birthday. Tomorrow is my lovely friend Chrissie's birthday AND our friend Jerry's birthday! April must make people really horny!

Today is my second-to-last day of work. Bitter and sweet, all at the same freaking time. Although I have to admit, it's mostly sweet. I wish I could say I was one of those people who liked working and thought that what they did was important. My main purpose here at work is to make rich people more money, mostly. The more I learn about big pharmaceuticals, the happier I am that I am leaving this field. Maybe one day I'll rescue puppies or something that seems a little more worth while, but for now, I'm content to be organizing my linen closet and feeding the lactovore.

Speaking of organizing, I entered the nesting phase of pregnancy this weekend. I think it would be more accurate to say I crashed head-first at 110 MPH into the nesting phase this weekend. I was a tireless ball of organizational madness. Nearly every drawer or closet in our house that contains or will contain baby items was emptied of useless contents, sterilized and re-filled in a color-coded, alphabetized manner.
And the amazing part is that all of this was done after our 'baby shower' that ended at 11:00pm on friday when I dragged Dr. SOB home after he was liberally showered with scotch and our 7 hour childbirth education class on saturday. The class, by the way, was torture for both of us. The only thing that was interesting/scary was the time lines they described leading up to labor. This was scary because despite the fact that I'm not due for 4 weeks, the symptoms I am experiencing currently put me squarely in the '2 weeks until delivery' category. I think this is what sparked the nesting. Immediately after the class, we rented a UHaul, went to Target and Babies R Us and bought up a ton of stuff. Anything we couldn't buy at the store I ordered online when we got home. The only time I stopped was during the Steeler's game on sunday. We are now hoping to have a Superbowl party, baby permitting. If this kid decides to show up on February 5, I am going to be so pissed!

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1 comment:

Lora said...

happy birthday to the good doctor!
yea stillers! i am considering finding a 6 pack of iron city and drinking 1/12th of it in celebration. fyi- the beer/convenience store on 10th and pine is good for getting anything you want. if they don't have it, they'll do their damnest to get it.
two weeks, huh? wouldn't it be crazy if grandma was right?
i agree with the labor timeline part of the training. only thing of value. and the tour. and the fact that they only have one labor ball.
this comment is becoming longer than your post. i should have just emailed yoU!