Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So Good!

This past weekend was unbelievably exciting! To start things out, Friday at work they threw a surprise baby shower for me and Dr. SOB, who actually made an appearance at my office! It was a lovely affair, and I was pretty taken aback by the whole 'surprise' aspect because I totally thought I would be able to see through the secret plans. I'm pretty dumb, I guess! Also, I found out later that the amount of money collected for our gift exceeded any amount collected for previous showers. Aside from the nicety of getting plenty of scratch, this made me a little weepy because it made me realize that people do actually like me and it reminded me of how much I am going to miss my friends here at work. Sniff. Ok, let's move on. Saturday morning, my friend Carrie came over to return some chairs she had borrowed that we needed for the wine tasting party we were having on Saturday night. Dr. SOB had told me that since we cleaned all night on Friday, he didn't want to mess up the kitchen so we should go out to breakfast right after Carrie left. He told me all of this in order to get me dressed and ready for Carrie to kidnap me! She told me she had an early birthday gift for me, and to get in her car. We drove over to a day spa where she had arranged for me to get a pre-natal massage. Heaven, that's all I can say. When she picked e up afterwards, she said she needed to stop by her house, which was right down the street from the spa. When we walked inside, all my friends were there for another surprise baby shower! My friend Tiffany even came all the way from Oregon! The party was filled with all sorts of miniature, or baby sized, foods, and small plastic babies were everywhere. Even drowning in a vat of cream cheese. Since there were only friends at this party, they were pretty creative with games and gifts. For example, we played Bingo, but instead of the spaces on the bingo cards being filled out with gifts I might receive, they were filled with words I might say during the course of the afternoon. Like 'Fuck', or 'Blog', or 'Penis'! It was hilarious! As gifts, they bought us a hamper set we registered for that had 4 pieces. Each piece contained another gift. In one, they all contributed their favorite childhood book. Another was filled with pampering gifts for me. In the largest hamper, they each bought some outfits and strung them on a clothesline, which was adorable. The best, though, was the hamper filled with inappropriate onesies. Each person bought a sleeper with awful but wonderful expressions on them. Like 'I only cry when ugly people hold me' and 'All daddy wanted was a blow job', etc! Finally, when all that fun was over, we had our wine party, which was a stellar event if I do say so myself! And the little plastic babies came along for the ride! The cherry on top was that the Steeler's won on Sunday, despite trying really hard to loose in the last 5 minutes of the game. So all in all, I had a pretty fucking awesome weekend, couch peeing and all!

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Ma-riss said...

Amy you should know that after the PB’s (plastic babies) left your wine party...they continued a weekend of debauchery first watching the Lword then playing pool at the Green room THEN watching naughty movies until 4am THEN going to a surprise party and THEN going to Mixto in the city for dinner and drinks…boy oh boy those babies have an exciting life!