Monday, January 30, 2006

The Tacos Own the Burritos

Last night we ate a wonderful meal at this dive called La Lupe in South Philly. This awesome taqueria is often overshadowed by the rivalry of it's flashy neighbors, Pat's and Geno's. The first thing that makes this place awesome is the sign which says "Taco's Burritos" outside, seemingly advertising some of it's more delicious menu items. However, we decided that the true implication is that the tacos, which are superior in taste and wonderfulness, own the burritos. Second, said tacos are phenomenal! The waitstaff speak very little English, but things worked out for us because we had a Spanish-speaking gal with us! Our party consisted of myself, Spanish-speaking Chrissie, Chrissie's brother Stephen, Carrie and Dr. SOB. Because it was chilly, the fellas did the noble thing and sat on the side of the table near the door so the ladies could be protected from drafts. As a result I ended up not sitting anywhere near Dr. SOB. A good time was had by all, and after we had eaten our fill and then some, we paid the check and got ready to leave. Our waiter just had one little question for our Spanish-speaking friend. Who was the intruso? Apparently he thought that Spanish-speaking Chrissie, Chrissie's brother Stephen, Carrie and I were obviously a group of friends, but he thought we had just picked up Dr. SOB somewhere and let him tag along. At first, we thought maybe she was mistaken at his question, but once we got home, she spoke with her sweetheart, who speaks Spanish as his native tongue, and he confirmed that the waiter thought Dr. SOB was some kind of stranger who was following our little group around. I think it gave him a complex! Oh well, it's nothing a little mole down the gullet can't fix!

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Lora said...

that place rocks! it is a few blocks from my house and i used to raid it when i first got pregnant and my body could still process the comida mexicana.

bolton said...


Rissa-poo said...

HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is just some guy tagging along...a big sexy one!!!!