Monday, January 23, 2006

Turtleneck Update

Dr. SOB and I are still debating the merits or lack thereof of having our little man circumcised. I stumbled upon this picture of an uncircumcised firetruck over at A Little Pregnant and it made me laugh. And cry. And continue to ponder the necessity of surgically removing a portion of my son's penis for social/cosmetic reasons. Help!

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1 comment:

bolton said...

the way i look at it, unless there is a reason to keep it that outweighs the social/cosmetic reasons for removing it, then i say remove it.

it's hard to say what's best for your boy's boy but, if you're going to refer to it as a turtleneck, i'm even more inclined to say you should cut it off.

ours should be a society without turtlenecks.

happy birthday, you s.o.b.