Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Open Letter to All Douche Bags

Dear Sir or Madame -

A compact car is defined thusly: An automobile smaller than a midsize car, but larger than a subcompact car. Compact cars usually have wheelbases between 2.54 metres (100 inches
) and 2.67 metres (105 inches). Another definition specifies between 100 ft³ (2800 L) and 109 ft³ (3000 L) of interior volume. This information might be useful to the two people that parked next to me in the garage in Center City today. I drive a Saturn Ion, a car which totally jives with the definition of a compact car. When I left the parking garage, on one side of me was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and on the other side was Cadilac. Both of these cars stuck out at least 3 feet from me on either side. Not a big deal, except that the reason that these spots were for COMPACT CARS ONLY was because there was very little room to back up. So you'd think people would understand when it took me 17 maneuvers to get out of the space. But no, the douche bag that rolled up in the middle of my maneuvering proceeded to honk and give me the finger for the remaining 3 or 4 minutes it took me to get out of the spot. So officially, Fuck You everyone.

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