Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Truth of the Matter

Two weeks ago, Dr. SOB and I were in the hospital and I was still pregnant. The details of how Little SOB came to be will be discussed in another post, but just let me say that things in the hospital were much easier than I ever imagined they would be. Coming home was the part that really threw me for a loop. I never really imagined that having a baby would be as difficult as it has been, but luckily things seem to be improving. The main issue, besides the sleeplessness, was the hormones. I obviously didn't expect to feel normal right away, but the degree of insanity and the mood swinging was astounding. Dr. SOB kept reminding me that it took me 9 months to get that high on progesterone and that I was just going through withdrawal. There were times when all I could do was weep, and when the baby would cry, it made me feel like puking and running away all at the same time. Luckily, Dr. SOB is the ultimate husband and father and would give me a timeout for a while, and would also cater to my every whim in order to make me more sane. My parents' visit didn't help much. There were moments when I was really glad they were here, but other times it was really stressful. If they had only stayed for a few days, I think it would have been ok, but since they stayed for a week I got a little nuts-o. Now that it is just the 3 of us, things are working out a little better. We are trying to figure out if Little SOB has some kind of schedule in his head, and now that the weather is looking to improve, we will be able to get out and get some fresh air. This whole motherhood thing is so funny sometimes. I never thought that I would be so attentive to another person's bum, and be happy about it! Well, hopefully things will continue to be on the up and up, and I'll be posting more happy news soon!

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Susan said...

Yay for baby bums and good weather!!! Let me know when you're ready do get out in it. I'll figure out how to get to you :).

I hear you on the hormones... and the good Dr. is right. It will take a bit to even things out. About that time you'll start thinking about birth control again and if you decide on the pill form, you'll be in for another ride!!! Hang on tight -- it's a wild one, but at least it's pretty short. Just keep a sense of humor!

Lora said...

i have no fears of L&D, but know that i am really in for it when i bring the baby home. i hear it does get better though.