Sunday, April 02, 2006

Be Back Soon!

Sorry I've been lax about posting this past week. The man child had a cold, I had to go to my office to collect my things and say goodbye to everyone, and my laptop, which I got for Christmas, imploded. 4 days after the warranty expired. Mother of god, I thought my head was going to spontaneously combust. So while we are trying to get that figured out, I'm using Dr. SOB's computer or the home edition, which is old and weird. Oh, did I mention that all of the pictures I've taken of the babe were on my laptop? And also that it crashed about 5 minutes after we got back from Best Buy, where we purchased an external hard drive? And that it crashed as I was starting it up so we could back the whole mother effing thing onto the new external hard drive? I think god hates me.

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1 comment:

yr mom said...

if you need help with the computer, let me know.