Monday, April 03, 2006

You Snooze, I Lose

When Dr. SOB and I first moved in together, I discovered that he has a little trouble waking up in the morning. Actually, he doesn't wake up in the morning unless there is an ear-splitting alarm going off while coffee is being poured on his face. For about 45 minutes. You see, Dr. SOB is addicted to his snooze button. Once he was out of school, and therefore getting up earlier than me, I tried to break him of this habit. I was utterly and entirely unsuccessful. So since my hours were flexible, I started getting up before him. People often thought I was insane for starting work at 6:30am, but in reality, it made sense. I was going to be awake either way, so I might as well get my work day started so I can finish it earlier, too! This system was working just fine until the baby was born. Sam usually has a feeding sometime in the 5 o'clock hour, so he's just getting back to sleep when Dr. SOB is starting to get up. The first few days, Dr. would snooze, the baby would wake up and I would deal with the repercussions. Now, as soon as Dr.'s alarm goes off, I start poking him in the back until he shuts it off, and then I continue poking him until her gets out of bed. All of this hopefully happens before his alarm goes off again. He doesn't like this arrangement, but he has no choice anymore. Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes to break the habit?

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Susan said...

Hey, if the poking doesn't work, my grandmother used to keep a bag of marbles in the freezer to "coax" us out of bed. Here's the thing -- you CAN'T get away from the little bastards. They roll with you. And they're frozen. Trust me, it works!

Anonymous said...


I just quit smoking - hear that Steve!?!?! Insanity.

So don't talk to me about habits. Get out of bed.

Love all three of you! Laura Lou