Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Take Two...

I started to write this whole post before about Sam and his pooping habits, but then I was interrupted by the world's hungriest baby. Did I mention that I started writing that post yesterday? We traveled to and from Pittsburgh for little Sammy's baptism and I think the trip did him in. He's been eating virtually non-stop since we've been home. Right now, he's sleeping, but he'll be awake again in less than 45 minutes and fiending for a boob snack. My titties are like empty lifeless balloons. It's been pretty awful so far, because he eats so much that I'm virtually empty, he sleeps for a little, then gets hungry again. The problem is that my body hasn't adjusted the amount of milk it's making, so come time for dinner number two, there isn't much there. This is followed by crying. Lots and lots of crying. Then he cries himself to sleep, usually with an empty boob in his furious little mouth, only to wake again in 45 minutes because he's still hungry. Repeat. And again. And again for good measure.

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Lora said...

i'm having the same issue. i limit these frequent feedings to 15 minutes per boob, with an hour break between. and allowing (gasp) a pacifier to stop the screaming. i am just so drained. literally.

one of the midwives at pennsy suggested drinking a guiness to make milk, and it totally worked for me the one time i did it. i don't know how you feel about beer+breastfeeding, but jake didn't get boozed up!

oh, and i'm typing this with one hand to accomodate the eater!!

Susan said...

Ugh, the feeding frenzies. I feel for you, I really do!!!