Thursday, April 20, 2006

Two Months and Counting...

Dear Sammy -

Today you are two months old. Your father and I will remember this month as 'Poopwatch 2006' because you decided to stop moving your bowels for days and weeks at a time. The longest stretch was 9 days, and when the event finally occurred, it was epic. You slept for 6 hours straight after that, so mama was glad! You're still not sleeping very long at night, but we're working on that! You smile like a little joker when you're not yelping and hooting. It's not that you're unhappy, it's just that you discovered that you can make noises any time you want, and mama will likely run over to see what in the hell you're doing. You like this game.
You have also discovered that your hands are the tastiest things since boobs, and any time you manage to get them in your mouth, you gnaw on them with a ferocity usually observed in wild dogs.

Your favorite place to sleep isn't your bed, it's your swing. You'll nap for hours in there, but if we try and move you to your bed you wail like we poured hot acid in your eye. And when you cry now, there are real tears. I think you are already aware of what seeing those big wet eyelashes does to me, and you take full advantage of that when you don't want to be put down. Smartest. Baby. Ever. To combat this, we carry you around in a snugli. Almost every night, we take a walk and your daddy carries you in the snugli. Most of the time, you spit up on him, but he loves you anyway!

Now that you are getting bigger (you were 12 pound, 10 ounces at your two month checkup!) we can dress you in real boy clothes. This has become quite an issue, because now I change your clothes all the time and therefore create twice as much laundry! You also got baptized this month. Dad and I aren't too sure about the whole Catholic upbringing thing, but you sure did look cute in your little man-suit. You got to meet your three great-grandma's while we were in Pittsburgh. You are a very lucky boy to have so many grandparents and great-grandparents. They're going to spoil you rotten!

Just remember that mama and daddy love you so much, we can't even explain it. Happy birthday!

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Lora said...

Happy birthday little man!!

Susan said...

Birthday wishes from us, too!