Monday, April 17, 2006

Vaccination Street

First, let me say that I apologize for not blogging much lately. I will repeat my past sentiment with a hearty 'Fuck You!' to Dell because my laptop is completely dead. Since I now can only blog in my den, the tot pretty much needs to be asleep for a considerable period of time for me to be able to blog, which is lower on the priority list than, say, eating or pooping. Speaking of pooping, the boy hasn't pooped in 7 days. That is a whole 'nother story, though. Tonight's story is about how a crazy lady stabbed my boy in his chubby little thighs with needles today.

I know there is a raging
debate over vaccinations going on out there, but we are of the opinion that they are a good thing. At least we used to be. After hearing my boy cry and shriek in pain for 20 minutes after the whole stabbing incident, I'm not so sure. And since then, he's been pretty much inconsolable. Right now, he's wailed himself to sleep on his daddy, but as soon as we try and put him in bed, the wailing resumes. It's heartbreaking. And incredibly annoying. I've had a few glasses of wine (interspersed with glasses of water) to help me cope. I'm hoping that all the energy he is expending crying will help him sleep longer once he finally settles down. We'll see. He's starting back up now with the wailing, so I should really go, but sometimes it's just easier to turn the monitor off and pretend he's sleeping soundly. I am a horrible mother.

Note: I didn't really turn off the monitor. Daddy took care of things. I'll admit to being a bad mother, but not that bad!

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1 comment:

herpen8 said...

is vaccination street around the corner from panic needle park?

thank God you got Sammy dunked now, before you have to live amongst a bunch of damn Southern Baptists.