Saturday, May 13, 2006

Before I Forget Everything...

First course: o-toro tuna tartar with fried shallots, garlic and fresh wasabi in a ginger soy sauce. Served with champagne.

Second course: trio of oysters, cilantro and lime, Japanese soy sauce and chives, and Tai fish sauce and jalepeno. Served with a sake martini.

Third course: sashimi salad, with salmon and yellow tail and micro greens in a fruit juice vinaigrette. Served with marigny-neuf sauvignon blanc.

Fourth course: scallops seared with hot oil and a soy drizzle. Served with Chalone chardonnay.

Fifth course: intermezzo of orange sorbet with white pepper.

Sixth course: half lobster seared with 8 spices, steamed vegetables and creme fresh. Served with a rioja.

Seventh course: kobe beef with Japanese sweet potatoes, scallion and foie gras. Served with Steel zinfandel.

Eighth course: Sushi including o-toro, fluke, salmon, yellow tail, jack fish and octopus. Served with sake.

Ninth course: soy milk parfait, with shiso syrup and vanilla foam and a pine nut brittle. Served with a dessert chenin blanc.

A million thanks to Marissa for babysitting so we could enjoy this delectable meal!

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Lil' Riss said...

I was the first!!! YAY YAY!!! We will have that bond forever!!! No non-family member had yet watched Samuel Oliver Bader for an extend period of time...that means i popped the cherry!!!

Amy Jo said...

true that!