Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fix-It Shop

First, I would just like to acknowledge that I have the most amazing friends in the world. After wednesday's diatribe, I've gotten so much love and support from readers like you, and you and you two, and of course, you! It may sound cheezy, but without y'all, the last few days would have been unbearable.

That said, the good Dr. and I did come up with a plan for healing what ails me. I'm going to go stay with my parents for about a week and a half. This was mostly my idea, so please don't think Dr. is trying to get rid of me. He actually wouldn't agree to it at first, but here's how I see it. I know I need a tremendous amount of help right now, both physically and emotionally. But he also is in need of some, too. Because of this, neither one of us can really do much for each other. By going to visit my folks for a little while, I will get the physical help with the tot, which will free up some of my energy so I can focus on getting my head back in order. Without us around, the Dr. can focus on his needs without feeling guilty for not being there to help me. It's a win-win situation. And our families get some extra Sammy time, which they just think is divine. By the time Sam and I get back, the Dr. and I should both be recharged and ready to face the big move with a little more sanity. At least that's the plan!

Tonight (actually this afternoon) Dr. SOB and I are going out to dinner for my first ever mother's day. We're going to Morimoto and we are tres excited! Or should I say 非常に excited! I'm going to try and sneak some pictures of the food, so check back later and maybe there will be some artful fish pictures up! Allez Cuisine!

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Lora said...

I have been quite MIA on the blog scene lately, mostly because I too have been doing a lot of kitchen floor crying. This crap isn't easy, and I can't imagine what it must be like to be in the midst of relocating. For as long as you are here and long after you are gone South, you have a comrade in me. Here is too craziness and babies.