Monday, May 08, 2006

The Crying, My God the Crying

Last wednesday, Dr. SOB had a few friends over to see Sammy for the first time. This required us to keep him awake about 20 minutes or so past his normal bedtime, but he still had his bath and other components of the bedtime routine. Then on saturday we went to the zoo with Susan and family and Valerie and family. Sam was up for about 30 minutes past his normal bedtime, but we missed the routine. This has created chaos in this home. It seems like we're back to square one with the whole sleep training thing. Tonight the lad cried and wailed for about 90 minutes before I finally got him to sleep.

Oh and there is a spider on the ceiling. Dr. SOB is working tonight, so it's going to stay there 'cause I'm not tall enough to get at it and it's in a weird place where I can't climb up on a chair or anything without moving furniture to kill it. Jesus gay, help me!

In better news, check out my boy in his new Bumbo Sitter! Despite the shrieking, he's still the cutest thing that ever chilled in my living room!

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1 comment:

Susan said...

Does it help any if I tell you that the sleeping isn't going so well in this part of town, either? Damn primates... what did they do to our boys?!

(Oh, and LOVE the Bumbo seat... good call on that particular shopping therapy purchase!!!!)