Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Simply Perfect

Did you know that my son has a small indentation on his forehead which aligns perfectly with my chin when I'm holding him? When he's sleepy, he'll often rest his little head against my chin and drift off. It's kind of like that thing on a violin, except so much warmer and softer. It makes me think of all of the ways we fit together. When I nurse him as we lay belly to belly, his little frame snuggles up to mine, and it's as though we were puzzle pieces snapping together. Sometimes he leans on my chest as I hold him on my lap and the valley between my breasts is the ideal location for his head. Then he grabs at my fingers and pulls them in under his face, close to his heart. I have trouble believing that this lovely little creature is mine. How incredibly lucky am I?

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Susan said...


Takes my breath away. What a beautiful description!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks! I'm sure you understand!