Sunday, May 21, 2006

Three Months and Counting...

Dear Sammy - Yesterday you turned three months old! You are now officially an infant and no longer a newborn. I must say you transitioned quite smoothly. We celebrated this month at your Gram and Pap's house. We're visiting here so mama can get some time to chill out, and the family can get some quality "Sammy" time before we make our big move down south. They have been spoiling you absolutely rotten, and undoing all the sleep training we've worked at so hard. Every time you wake up, they run in to play with you, even at 10:00 at night!

You still only poop once a week or so, which mama is getting used to. You pooped twice in two days last week and I was pissed! I've been getting back at your grandparents by making them change your poopy diapers, so it all works out in the end!

So far this month, you have almost rolled over about 20 times, but you're just waiting for the perfect'll likely be when you're on the changing table and I blink for a sec. Hopefully you'll wait until we're back at home so your Daddy can see!

You've continued to gain weight at an alarming rate. Body builders looking to bulk up should seriously consider breast milk as a weight gainer. You are well over 15 pounds, and wear a lot of 3-6 months clothes, and even some 6-9 months stuff!

These days, you are a face full of smiles, unless you have managed to get some toy or article of clothing in your mouth! Your skills are improving in that area, and you almost always get bigger soft toys mashed up against your face so you can slobber all over them. You can even get some smaller things in there now...the cat better watch out! You'll be chewing on his tail in no time. You are so seriously pleasant all day, and only get the tiniest bit fussy when you get tired. Every day, no matter how early it is, I love getting up with you because as soon as you see me, your face breaks into the biggest grin in the world. Even if you kept me up all night (which you rarely do anymore) seeing that smile makes me forget all about it. Sometimes when dad's working you sleep in bed with me and we get our cuddle on like nobody's business. In the morning we wake up face to face and it makes my heart feel like it's going to burst at the seams. Every day with you is a new lesson in how big my love can grow. I can't believe how lucky we are knowing we have tomorrow and the next day and the next day to spend together.

Love, mama

P.S. There would be more pictures, but I'm at grandma's house and the pictures are at home!

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Susan said...

OHMIGOD!!!! I can't believe he's already 3 months old! Happy Birthday, Sammy -- we'll raise a bottle to you in celebration!!