Sunday, June 04, 2006

Developmental Milestones

One year ago today Sam was conceived. How do I know this, you ask? Because I was a scientist in a former life, I approached the act of getting pregnant as a fun experiment right up until the moment we walked through the bedroom door. Then it was a sexy experiment. Sometimes I even left my glasses on. But I digress. Once we decided to get moving on the procreation, I started taking my temperature and testing my pee for hormones that are precursors to ovulation. (Side note: I did not purchase these tests. They were given to me by one of Dr.'s co-workers who had some left over. I'm not that crazy!) The upside to this was that we knew exactly was the best time for baby making, literally. The downside to this was that if for some reason we were unable to perform said baby-making activities, we knew we were missing our window. The first month I was off birth control, we were at the beach with Dr.'s family and barely got 5 minutes to ourselves, so there was no activities of any kind, baby-making or otherwise. The next month, Dr. SOB was in California when I got a positive reading on the ovulation predictor test. Once you get a positive reading, you will likely ovulate in 24-48 hours. He was supposed to come home about 48 hours after I took the test, however he decided to come home early (he decided this before I even took the test) and so little Sammy was created!

Now that Sam is older and more manageable (not to mention cuter! Check out what he looked like a year ago) we're starting to have the 'next baby' conversations. At first I was thinking that for #2 we would just throw caution to the wind, stop the birth control and let nature take it's course, but in reality I have everything worked out in my head already. I would like to have the next baby in August or September, which would require getting knocked up in November or December. The big question is, do we get started this year and have another baby when Sam is one and a half, or do we wait and have baby #2 when Sam is two and a half? Dr. SOB and his sister are about 17 months apart, and I think Dr. likes the idea of having babies close together, but can I handle it? Honestly, I'm amazed that we're even having this discussion because if you had asked me back in March, I would have told you I wasn't having any more children. But now it seems like something that will become a reality.

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Susan said...

All I can say is you're a strong, strong woman.

Amy Jo said...

Don't give me too much was all just talk!