Sunday, June 04, 2006

Things I'll Miss About Philadelphia

This morning, Dr. SOB went to get coffee with a couple of guys from work. They walked into Dunkin' Donuts and the man in front of them appeared to be a pimp. That is, he was dressed in the kind of attire one might expect to see on a pimp. When it was time for Dr. and company to order, the pimp turned to them and offered them $500 cash to open-mouth kiss the girl behind the counter. He then proceeded to take about $10,000 out of his pocket and count off $500. They all politely refused, and as he walked out, he stopped and turned back to the entire store and yelled "That's what you get for messing with some big time cocaine! That's right, I'm a drug dealer, mother fuckers! You my n*gger! I'm out!"

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herpen8 said...

So, you really think you're going to miss this in Atlanta? You must be living in an incredibly lily-white neighborhood then. Ask someone who knows what the hidden meaning of MARTA is, and you'll know that this stuff may follow you when you move.

when is the big day?

Amy Jo said...

Oh I'm sure we'll encounter pimps of all varieties. The big difference is that they'll offer us a glass of sweet tea after they verbally assult us!

The stuff moves on the 20th. The creatures move on the 24th.