Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day, Take 2

One year ago today I found out I was pregnant with Sam. It was a saturday, and I had taken 2 pregnancy tests the two proceeding days with unclear results. The third one was much more conclusive. I even took a picture of it. For posterity. It would have been gross to save the pee stick, right? It was a weird time in our house because Dr. SOB's grandfather had just passed away, and he saw his own father for the first time in over a year at the funeral. You might say that they don't get along so well. So although we were elated to be pregnant, there was a lot of other shit going on. Now here we are a year later, still with the same shit with Dr.'s dad, but we have this little precious tot to snuggle. It changes the perspective, at least for us. I guess he doesn't feel the same way. Damnit, this was supposed to be a fun post! Instead I've ended up droning on about my awful father-in-law! Changing subjects! For father's day, Sam got dad the new special edition DVD of The Princess Bride, Buttercup Edition. (They were all out of the Dread Pirate Roberts Edition! Boo!) And we went to brunch at A Full Plate, where Marissa works. Seeing her was present enough for Dr.'s father's day. You should go. They make kick ass french toast and breakfast pizza! She doesn't always dress like this. It was a special 'going away' dinner for us that motivated her to put her face on. She wrote Sammy's name on my breakfast pizza in sour cream. What a dollface, huh?

It's weird to think that next sunday, we'll be having brunch in Atlanta, in our small weird condo. I'm starting to get a little misty about it. Also, sometimes I get mad because I know that in a few weeks, someone else is going to be sleeping in my bedroom. Someone who I have no control over. These people are going to change the curtains and put the furniture in all the wrong spaces, I know it. It makes me really sad sometimes to think that I might never be able to sit in Sam's first bedroom again. I won't be able to revisit the room where my mom and dad first held their grandson. Or lay in the space where said grandson was conceived. We've always thought of ourselves as transient people, the Dr. and I, but nowadays I'm thinking it might be nice to settle somewhere. Not just now, but in a few years. Things to think about.

Boy this post was all over the freaking place, wasn't it?

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Lora said...

i secretly saved the stick.