Saturday, June 17, 2006

Everything About Me Must Go!

In order to deal with the whole 'pole' issue, we are selling a bunch of our crap. A guy named Manosh came over this morning and gave us $142 for a 6 year old 32" TV that somewhere in its belly has a little metal rod where there should be a fuse. (Side note: when he was taking the TV out, he let a fly in. I hate any insect that flies and also makes any sort of buzzing noise.) Hopefully someone will give us $700 for the 47" TV in our living room. The funniest part is that the Dr. just set up our cable in ATL for three rooms, in hopes that I would cave a permit and TV in our bedroom, but now we have only one TV and hopefully soon we will have no TVs! HD cable in three rooms and no TV to watch it on! It's like Dr.'s seventh level of hell.

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motherhooduncensored said...

I wish we could use the TV in our bedroom. It's probably a good thing our daughter sleeps in the room next to us and is a light sleeper because I'd be in there all night long.

Amy Jo said...

The problem in our house is that Dr. SOB is a very heavy sleeper and would leave the TV on all night.

Anonymous said...

You still talk to Manosh? Is that the guy that you used to work 4?


Amy Jo said...

Ha! No Tori, that was Manaf! Although it would be strangely satsfying to sell him a rigged TV after all the trips to the sewage plant he sent me on!