Thursday, June 01, 2006

Major Letdown (I promise this has nothing to do with breast milk)

At the end of April, you may recall I was quietly celebrating something that I promised to reveal at a later date. Well, the day has come that I can share with you the news that I will not be writing for ClubMom. Great news, huh? In March I submitted an application to be a 'topical blogger' for them, and I was offered a position with conditions. I would be part of a second wave of writers, so as long as the initial roll out went well, we would be worked into the rotation a little later. Well you can probably guess where this is going. They have decided that instead of adding more writers, they are going to work on "nurturing the blogs we've launched and not expand too quickly." This is a perfectly reasonable explanation, it just sucks. I feel like I've always been good at things, just not quite good enough. Maybe it would have been better if they rejected me right off the bat. Even though I knew that there was a chance things wouldn't work out, I was so excited that there were people somewhere that thought what I had to say was worth sharing with thousands of people. Maybe I had some insight and a clever way of expressing myself that was entertaining. And hey, it didn't hurt that they were going to pay me. Now that I've gotten word that I'm not expressive and entertaining enough, I've been crying my eyes out, which is weird. I guess this meant a little more to me that I thought. On top of that, it's my anniversary and Dr. SOB is going to be at work until 7 or 8. Oh and when I called my mom to talk about how upset I was, she couldn't really talk for long because she had to go to Subway and get a sandwich. What? Yeah. I'm going to take a nap.

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Susan said...

That. Just. Sucks. I'm so sorry -- I was so looking forward to having yet another venue for your amazing way with words, and I feel a bit responsible -- like my early congrats somehow jinxed you. :( Bleh. I'm so sorry!

Amy Jo said...

Not your fault! Please don't fret. Besides, they didn't close the door entirely. Maybe in a little bit something will open up!