Friday, June 16, 2006

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Sorry I've been writing these short little nothings of posts. I've been packing (and reading the girls over at Go Fug Yourself. Best. Page. Ever.) And the sleepless child didn't help. There were vaccinations on Wednesday, thus the pain-in-the-ass behaviour. (See what I did there? I made myself a Brit just for a moment. It's because I've been watching episode after episode of So You Think You Can Dance on TiVo.)

Focus, damnit!

I've been thinking lately about this blog, and the comments people leave here. Granted there are only three or four at best. I know there is a whole list of rules, blog etiquette if you will, but I don't know the first thing about them. Is there a specific rule about responding to comments? I've been trying to make an effort to do so, but I wonder if people ever check back to see if I did. Let us find out! If you (both of you) comment here, do you look back for a reply? Well you should! 'Cause I'm getting with the program! Have a dialogue with me! Let's interact!

Sorry I sound so desperate. Things here are a little stressful/insane/completely batshit crazy around here these days. The Dr. took our first car to Hotlanta and checked out the new apartment, and it pretty much blows big monkey balls. The usable space is, oh, about 30% less than they led us to believe. There are poles in almost every room. Look:

They don't seem to offensive, but the living room has 4 of them. And the 'master' bedroom has one smack dab in the fucking middle, making it completely impossible for, say, a bed to fit in there. So instead of moping, look at this cute picture of my cat trying to be the baby!

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Jenny said...

Good question. I don't usually look back to see if someone responded unless I know that they're a responding kind of blog (like mothergoosemouse). I respond to a lot of posts on my blog and I wonder the same thing. There should be a tag on top of bloggers sites who respond saying "Come back! I want to talk!"

Lora said...

i check back if i asked a question, and i checked when you said that you caught up on responding to comments.

sometimes i respond to my comments if i think people are still reading the post and may want some feedback.

i don't know the rule either

Susan said...

Yeah, I'm not sure, either. I check back when I think my comment might illicit a response, say if I think it's particularly clever (so, rarely!). I don't feel snubbed when there isn't a response, though. Umm, hello?! You may have something more important to do than respond to my comments like, say, pack or feed the child!

Sorry to hear about the poles. Maybe you can look into a strip-dancing class?:)

janet said...

hi...i always check to see if you reply back...but i don't think its necessary. i'm just happy to communicate with someone thats over 15 months...and sage doesn't always count
as for the pole in your bedroom. look at it this way- you could take up a new hobby- *wink*

Amy Jo said...

You know, I've gotten a lot of suggestions about a stripping class. A friend of mind took one once. Maybe I'll look into it, after I lose a little more of that pesky old baby weight!