Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Three Things, Then I'm Going to Bed

Today as I was doing the wash, I found a dirty diaper in the hamper. I'm actually a little surprised this hasn't happened already, as the diaper pail is right next to our hamper. The funny thing is that we have a hamper for 'whites' and a hamper for 'darks'. The 'whites' hamper is the one right next to the diaper pail, but the misplaced diaper was in the 'darks' hamper. I'm just glad I found it as I was throwing clothes into the washer because these newfangled diapers are filled with some kind of stuff that turns into a gel-ish goo once pee hits it. That would not have been fun to find after the spin cycle.

I finally started packing. I had packed one box of books about three weeks ago and the rest of the bookcase was taunting me. It was like my Everest. Well, tonight I scaled that peak. All of the books and some of the towels are packed. Bring it on!

Blogger seems to be allowing me to upload pictures again! Hooray for yummy babies!

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