Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ahhhhh Freak Out!

We've always said that once we got settled here in ATL we'd probably go and buy a new stroller. One that's a little lighter and handles better. Well, today I was browsing the Babies R Us web page and I found myself looking at the double strollers. NOTE: I AM NOT PREGNANT. We're not even trying, but we're thinking about trying sometime in the next 6-12 months, and since we already have one stroller that will accommodate an infant, why not make the new one have the capacity to hold two reasonably aged children? But then will I be that weird lady walking around with only 1 kid in a double stroller? When I see women walking around with that kind of system, it makes me worry that they forgot one of their kids somewhere, or that they are crazy types who think they have 2 kinds instead of 1. When I'm in a blue mood, I sometimes worry that maybe once they had 2 kids and now they only have 1. Am I ready to inflict this type of emotional anxiety to overly curious types like myself?

In cuter news, Sam has accidentally discovered that he can make 'raspberry' noises with his lips. Not the tongue type, with all the messy slobber, but the kind where you blow air through your lips while making a 'burrrrr' sound. Unfortunately, like his mother, Sam can only perform this trick a few times before his lips wear out. At that point, the air just moves between his lips and there is no 'raspberry' sound, only the 'burrrrr' sound. He gets really really focused and keeps trying, but to no avail! Then he wants me or Dr. to do it so he can watch to see if he's attempting the maneuver correctly. Then the trying again! It's so freaking cute! We try and distract him for a while once his lips have reached their maximum 'raspberry' potential, and usually after an hour or so he can do them again. He has a new activity center, so he's pretty easily distracted.

He almost as easily distracted as his father!

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Laura said...

Not that I am directly asking for a second second cousin (that looks funny), you should know that Phil and Ted sell crazy, chic all-terrain strollers for two that can also look perfectly reasonable only strolling one child. Wink, wink.

The woman I nanny for found out that her baby girl is allergic to both soy and dairy. Literally, no cheese. If that happens to me while I'm nursing I promise to stop nursing.

I will e-mail you with the other happenings. Love, love, Laura

Amy Jo said...

Oh dear! I would probably stop, too! No cheese, no life. Know cheese, know life. Ya know?

How much do those strollers cost? That is the major obstacle right now. The all-terrain ones I like (and I want) but they are expensive, and a double is doubly expensive!