Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Four Months and Counting...the Belated Version

Dear Sammy -

(Sorry this is a little late. We were doing that whole most-awful-move-in-the-universe thing for a while. Now that we're a little more settled, let me tell you that you seem to be loving it here in Atlanta. But that's for next month.)

Last month Sam, you really started to become a little tiny person. You have figured out that there are things you like and things you don't. And you know pretty well how to communicate that to your mama through a series of high pitched screams. Things you like: being naked, looking in the mirror, Mr. Snufalufagus' trunk and your dad. You giggle like a school girl every time he looks in your direction. Things you don't like: bottles, socks and anything that gets in between you and my boobs. I'm pretty sure that for your first willful act you're going to hide all of my bras. You tear at my shirts as soon as I pick you up when you're hungry. Your dad is impressed.

You still don't sleep through the night, but I've come to terms with that. Every other baby I know sleeps through the night, but not Sam. Why sleep when there's so much fun to be had? If you weren't so effing cute, I think my reaction to this might be a little different.

You got your first taste of ice cream this month. (I know, I'm a bad mother. Don't email me!) I gave you the tiniest drop on my finger tip, and for the next three days every time my finger got near your face you tried to grab it and jam it in your mouth. Once you'd get it in there and realize it wasn't coated in sweet creamy goodness, you'd jam it in further, thinking that somewhere on this finger there had to be ice cream, damn it! You'd got pretty pissed when realized my hands weren't made of Ben & Jerry's! All in good time, my sweet!

You are loving your naps these days. Mom's sure glad you finally decided to start sleeping for more than 30 minutes at a time when the sun is up. Sometimes you surprise me with a 2-3 hour nap. After about 90 minutes I start checking in on you to make sure your still alive, and you are. You're just chillin'.

Another thing you discovered this month is your ears. And every one else's ears. You pull and poke at your own every time a toy isn't in your hands. And god help any grown person who lets you grab a handful of their ear. They just might not get it back!

Most of all this month, you've started to reach for things. Toys mostly, but occasionally when you're tired you'll reach for me. This makes my chest explode with warm gooey feelings every time. Then I'll hold you until you fall asleep and give you a million tiny kisses all over your face before I lay you down. Sometimes you laugh and smile in you sleep. I'd like to think that you're dreaming of me and your dad, and you're happy because you know how much we love you. Sleep tight, my baby, and always remember that mama thinks you're the handsomest boy in school!

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Susan said...

Awwww! Your letters to Sammy always make me tear up just a bit... give the little guy a big hug & kiss from us! We miss you guys!!!

Mom101 said...

Those pictures are just awesome. I love the second one - you can almost see exactly what he'll look like as an adult, and those are my favorite kind of baby pictures.

Amy Jo said...

We've had a couple come out like that and it freaks me out every time I look at them! I just stare and think, 'Who is this kid? Certainly not my little baby boy?'

This one was actually kind of tough because he's started doing so many things in the last two weeks, and I had to make sure not to write about them until next month!