Monday, July 17, 2006

Christmas in July

When we moved here to Hotlanta, we 'had' to buy a new television. Our old television was too big for the new house, both in physical size and screen size. Of course, the Dr. was devastated that he 'had' to buy himself a new television. When he got here (a few days before me) he went to Circuit City to browse at the glorious flat screen beauties, and naturally he ended up buying one. In the process of the purchase, something dangerous happened. They gave the Dr. an insanely high credit limit. Oh and 24 months no interest on purchases of $500 or more. Since then, he has purchased an additional flat screen television for our bedroom. And two wall mounting kits. And a new phone. He wanted to buy ANOTHER television for the guest room, but I put my foot down. It was mamma's turn to spend a ridiculous amount of pretend money on something we didn't need. Behold, my new delicious camera:

Isn't she pretty? Now if I only knew how to use it! Don't worry, I've already bought two 'how to' tomes. I've been experimenting, too. Once I figure out how to transfer the pictures to the computer, I'll show you some of my handiwork!

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yr mom said...

i'm jealous

Amy Jo said...

why? I spent a ton of money we don't have on a really great camera that I don't know how to use. You should pity me, since it's fairly clear that I'm retarded.