Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Land of Milk and Rice Cereal

Sam got his first taste of rice cereal yesterday, and the boy, he loved it. I shouldn't be surprised, really, given that his father had never met a food he didn't love. Except peas. He fucking hates peas. We were planning to wait until he was 6 months old, but Sam is very convincing. His presentation on why he should be given solids included some very interesting points, including a section on, 'if you don't give me that spoon you'll be sorry' and, 'the screaming that will occur if you don't gimme some of that will make you want to puncture your own eardrums.' He really put a lot of thought into it! Recently, when I would hold him while I was eating all bets were off. He would contort his body in any way possible to try and mash his hands into whatever I was eating. After the first bite or two yesterday, the boy went nuts with glee. He also decided that he was much better at driving the spoon than mommy was. There were several struggles for utensil control, and unfortunately for Dr. SOB, he ended up wearing as much cereal as Sam ate. We're going to assemble the high chair today so that the Dr. and I don't have to wear ponchos at dinner.

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janet said...

congrats on your journey into solids. i loved this stage because it helped my guy sleep so much sounder...yay for you!

Maris said...

YAY!!!! Way to go Sammy!!! I just started on solids too!!!

Miss you! Love! Aunt! Marissa! (i like punctuation)

Amy Jo said...

He slept really well on Sunday night, but woke up at 1am last night! Oh well!

Maris - the only reason you waited this long to start solids is because you are addicted to boob sucking!