Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The End of the Halcyon Days

(Kudos to Greg for the title. Second mention!)

As I've mentioned before, Sam is a baby who only poops every week or two. At least he used to be. We started Sam on cereal and then applesauce in the past 10 days, and the pooping has increased. He actually seems to poop about 14 hours after I feed him. This scares me in more ways than one. For example, right now we're only feeding him solids once a day. What's going to happen when he starts getting them more often? Is he going to poop 14 hours after every feeding? Also, now when he poops, you can tell because he makes little grunting noises and his head gets all red! Kind of cute, but mostly scary. My friend Susan's brother calls this behavior 'getting thoughtful.' And one more thing. So far he seems to poop only when his father is at work. That I do not like. I thought we had an agreement little fella! I give you all the boobs you want, and in return you (occasionally) give your father a dirty diaper or two!

Speaking of boobs, I was looking at my site traffic info the other day. Most people who come here find their way via Susan, Lora, yr mom or Janet. However some poor girl found the Cheese Party via a google search for 'I'm embarrassed by my boobs.' How awful for her!

In other Sam news, he has now officially rolled over. In fact, he's done it several times! The funny part is that he doesn't really know what he's doing, so sometimes it catches him off guard. All of a sudden he's on his tummy and he's pissed! Also he usually rolls onto his arm and can't get it out from under him. Which I can imagine would be frustrating. He had performed this little trick for me several times, but Dr. SOB keep missing it. Finally on Sunday night I left the boy with dad for a few minutes so I could get a bath. While I was soaking I heard Dr. start clapping and crowing. When I came down he told me that he hadn't been watching Sam all that closely (I bit my tongue, hard, at that part of the story) but that right as he looked over at him he rolled over. Bully for dad!

We're going to Pittsburgh on Thursday for a bit of a trip. We'll be there until the 6th, but do not fear! My folks have a computer, so I will try and update as much as possible while we're away. While I'm on the subject of trips, let it be know that the only reason I'm not going to the BlogHer '06 conference is because of this Pittsburgh trip which encompasses a family reunion and also my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. I am so there next year!

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GP said...

Oh snap. I made it twice in consecutive days. The funny thing about seeing your appropriation of my Jake Chronicles headline was that I thought to myself, "where have I seen that before."

I appreciate the homage, especially cause it means you've at least been thumbing through my chronicles. I've still got to catch up on all of my back reading of this blog. But I WILL get it done.

Greg and Renae--2
Doyle and Kelly--0

Susan said...

BlogHer '07? For real? 'Cuz I've been tossing the idea around... not sure they'll let an amateur like me in, though. :)

LOL on the Google hit -- wonder if she found what she was looking for!

Amy Jo said...

Susan - BlogHer '07 is 100% for real. It's been discussed with the Huz and the family will be informed during my trip that if the family reunion falls on the same weekend next year, tough luck! We sould totally go and represent Philly (via Atlanta)! Woo!

GP - don't stress about catching up. There's a lot to get through, man. I only finished the Jake Chronicles at the expense of showering. You wouldn't want to be around me right now!

Just kidding.

super des said...

found you via that whole "bloggerchicks" thing I've had on my page for a while.

when my neice was learning to crawl, she would put her face on the carpet and plow forward. Her upset-ness just made it funnier.

And I'm not going to blogher either. I'll start my own conference. in my house. with cupcakes. you're invited if you take a detour to NY from Philly.

Amy Jo said...

super des - Thanks for the invite! I'm in Pittsburgh now, however, visiting family. Boo!

Amy Jo said...

P.S. I like chocolate cupcakes, for future reference!

super des said...

mmm chocolate.