Monday, July 24, 2006

Never Again...

We will never hire movers again. I've detailed to you the ways in which our move sucked already. The broken nature of all of our things, the missing couch cushions, etc. Then I told you how they found the couch cushions. Which was on July 8th. It is now July 24th, we've been here for 1 month, and the couch cushions have never materialized. The phone number for the moving company in Miami that supposedly has our cushions is just some dude's cell phone number. We've actually spoken with him twice. We've called him over 30 times. He isn't too good at returning calls. We were told they would be shipped via FedEx and we'd be given a tracking number, but alas that never happened. Also, the original movers won't 'finalize' our damage claim until the cushions get here in case they, too, are damaged and need to be added to the claim. God damned mother fuckers.

In other news, I can't believe that I overlooked Cheese Party's birthday! This site turned 1 on June 12. Also, I recently hit the 200 post mark. Those are some pretty big milestones in my opinion. I wonder when I should start potty training?

On a more personal level, we have lived here for one whole month. Sam and I arrived on June 24th. Well, technically we left Philadelphia on June 24th, but we arrived in Atlanta on June 25th. (One thing I will never miss about Philly: the freaking airport!) It's been an interesting month. I still haven't met many new friends (except for you guys, Greg Renae and Jake!) but I'm out there every day strutting my stuff trying to impress the moms of Atlanta. I think they might not like me because I don't drive an SUV. Every one here drives an SUV. Every. Single. Person. This is tough for me because I am diametrically opposed to SUVs unless they are hybrids, and 'hybrid' is a dirty word in these parts. I recently read an article about 50 things locals love to hate about Atlanta and this addiction to SUVs and gasoline was on the list. So I know that there are like-minded people here, I just need to find them!

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GP said...

We made it. We really made it. I've been reading ever since we met you and we finally made it.

Suck it Doyle and Kelly! We made it and you didn't. At least not recently!