Monday, July 03, 2006

Something's Happening Here...

Sam has been napping since 10:30am. I keep checking on him, and he keeps sleeping. He got up at 7:45 and came to bed with mama, where we slept for another hour or so. Then we had morning play time. He went down for his nap, which usually only lasts an hour, 90 minutes tops!

In unrelated news, the Maytag man is coming to fix my dryer today. I really hope it's the guy from the commercials!

Ah! The boy awakes! He must've known I was blogging!

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Susan said...

The old guy or the new trainee? A quiet "hooray" from us for the sleeping... catching up on what he missed while chewing on your fingers, I guess!

How is it that they always know just when you get situated w/ a good post already to go?!

Amy Jo said...

I wanted the old guy, but instead we got a really really sweaty fat man.