Friday, July 14, 2006

Those Sneaky Bastards

In this modern era of nationwide 'do not call' registries, you have to wonder who telemarkerters are calling these days. Since the easiest way to register your number is online, I suspect that the elderly make up a large portion of the pool of numbers that are not on the 'do not call' lists. I know my grandfather hasn't registered his number because he can't figure out 'that damned email machine.' Also, maybe people with no arms. Unless they have one of those special computers for people with no arms. The other group of numbers available for telemarketers is new phone numbers. I know this because we have gotten no less than 8 calls a day for magazine subscriptions, life insurance and long distance service just to name a few. I registered our number to the 'do not call' registry, however it takes 31 calendar days for it to take effect. Naturally, all of these calls seem to come when Sam is napping. Heather has had similar problems with door-to-door solicitation, and I thought her solution was ingenious. My solution so far has been to turn the ringer of on the phone and just stare at it for the hours he's napping so I can see it if it rings. Then if it is a telemarketer, I give them an institution-worthy freak-out so they are too terrified to ever call again. So far, it's working out just fine. I just have to be careful that it's not someone who wants to buy our furniture on the phone, or else we'll have 17 couches forever.

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