Monday, August 07, 2006

Kennywood Day

In my childhood, only Christmas and my birthday rivaled the excitement generated by Kennywood day. Until last summer, when I was pregnant, I never missed a year. Our community day has always been the first wednesday in August, and although I often go on other days, if I am in the area for Monongahela day, you'll find me at Kennywood. I was so excited to take Sammy there for the first time I could barely sleep the night before. Not that he let me sleep all that much anyways! My mom and dad took me there for the first time when I was nearly the exact same age. She tells the story all the time about how they took me on the merry-go-round and then paraded me all around for everyone to meet, and how she was so hot but they didn't have a stroller so she carried me everywhere. I couldn't stop the tears from escaping when we took him on the carousel, or when we took his picture with Cowboy Joe, or when he squealed when I put the tiniest wisp of cotton candy on his tongue. I can't wait for next year!

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Susan said...

What a beautiful image, both in picture and word form! I love the idea of "revisiting" your childhood by introducing Sammy to the sites, smells, and tastes that you obviously have such sweet memories of! Please pardon me while I hunt for the tissue box... :)

Amy Jo said...

I bawled my eyes out all day! I hope that we can keep going back there so that he might actually make some memories of his own!