Monday, August 21, 2006

Six Months and Counting...

Hey Sammy!

Yesterday was your half birthday, big guy. Just think, in the next month or two, you should actually be able to eat a little of the cupcakes your dad makes me buy every month in honor of your birthday!

Six months is a long time, huh? You've grown and changed so much in the last few weeks I don't even know where to begin! Just in the past week you've been sitting up all by yourself! Sometimes you still need a little help, and other times you just end up flat on your face, but as long as I laugh when you look up, you don't seem to mind.

Your hair is growing like a weed! Last month everyone thought I had cut it to look so perfectly groomed, and now I probably should. Especially since your new favorite game to play in your crib when you should be sleeping is 'bumper head mash.' This results in the hairstyle seen above. Cute, but not so well groomed.

You are eating damned near everything these days. You love you some carrots! Now that you've figured out that things that go into your mouth can be consumed, you try and eat most everything. This has created a monster in your mother. Every time you put something even remotely funny in your mouth, I run for the camera. I'm sure you'll find these quite amusing in your teen years.

One thing hasn't changed. Your eyes are still a stunning shade of blue that neither one of your parents possess. Your hair has flecks of gold and red that shine in the sunlight.

You have a smile for everyone. On saturday night we took you to a party where there were several babies. People kept coming up to us, most of them nearly strangers, and telling us we had the best baby in the room. You were so pleasant and charming, which is your natural state. I guess other people aren't used to being around such a perfectly content little creature.

You have recently discovered that in addition to the high pitched, glass breaking screams and yelps you are able to produce that you can also growl in a low tone. I call this your man voice. At first I thought you were getting laryngitis, and then I realized it was just a new trick! Ah the joys of raising the first one.

There are days where all I want to do it sit and stare at you, my lovely little child. You can't imagine how happy we are now that we have you. At night your dad and I lay in bed and wish we could wake you up to play, and maybe for a cuddle or two. I can't imagine what it'll be like when you are truly big and grown. I hope that you'll feel some sympathy for your old mama and hug her every once in a while, ok?

Love you, Mama

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Valerie said...

Happy 6 Months!!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks Val!

super des said...

That is so sweet. Plus I hope you show this at his wedding in about 25 years.