Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Six Months and Seething

I don't like my post from yesterday. Usually I make a concerted effort to really focus and write what is in my heart in my letters to Sam. Yesterday, unfortunately, my heart was filled with the desire to kill someone at Blogger because there always seems to be some kind of fucked up issue with the photo upload function. I spent nearly two hours on Sunday sifting through the four hundred pictures of Sam I took during his fifth month in order to choose what I considered to be the cream of the crop. To me, these pictures are just as important as the words that accompany them. Blogger, however, decided that it didn't like my pictures. At least I wasn't the only one! When it did finally allow me to upload some shots, it was randomly selective. There were two photos in particular that would not be admitted into my post. I would show them to you now but the effing bitch is still all 'this page cannot be displayed' at me. Son of a mother humping whore. So pissed was I that I signed up for the new and (hopefully) improved Blogger beta, so things might get a little wonky around here in the near future.

In other news, I was checking out my Google reference and I found out that there might be some pervs here looking for a sex date!

Moving right along. My mom and dad are coming for a week-long visit beginning Saturday. This could mean one of two things: a whole lot more posting or a whole lot less posting. The way I see it, their presence might give me a ton of blog fodder and also the freedom to write whenever I want to since I will have unlimited child care. However, they don't know about the blog and so they might start to wonder what I'm doing all the time hogging the computer. If I can come up with a better cover story than 'email' or 'looking at porn' then next week looks promising. I welcome any and all suggestions!

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super des said...

Here's what I've done to overcome the stupid photo-uploading problem:
Get an account with photobucket.com. They have options to transform the photo into html code. When blogger is stupid, copy the "tag" code. Paste into your blog. Viola.

I love that you write letters to you baby, and would love to see the best photos ever.

Sarah's Mommy said...

"What the heck are you doing in there that is taking so long??"

"Comparing my symptoms to STDs -- I'll let you know if Dr SOB is going to live another day in just a few minutes.... I need to check myself -- can you close the door?"

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for both of your suggestions ladies!

Unfortunately Sarah's Mommy, since my dad is going to be here, if there was even a whiff of a thought that Dr. was being a bad husband, he would be dead before I could even explain!

Super Des - I'm on my way over there right now!

Sarah's Mommy said...

Hmm. Good point. My dad would do the same.... I shall ponder the problem more -- making sure the innocent will not be harmed in your efforts to continue blogging.

Susan said...

Ugh, I hate that. One other thing you might try is to use Mozilla as your browser rather than IE... I've had a lot luck with uploading photos since I switched. Then again, I think Blogger has PMS, so maybe I've just been luck with the "time of month" that I've been posting!

Have a great visit w/ your parents... can't wait to hear all the stories!!!