Monday, September 04, 2006

Channeling His Inner Dwayne Wayne

I have a problem. Everywhere I go, I always think I see someone I know. Or I think someone looks like someone I know. This drives Dr. SOB crazy. Today we got breakfast form this local place called The Flying Biscuit. Dr. went in to get some biscuits and other assorted breakfast pastries from the walk-up counter. When he came back, he kept perserverating about this guy he saw inside. At first he thought maybe he saw him at the hospital. Emory is huge, and occasionally he'll see a person and tell me all about his carotid artery. But something about the guy's voice was stuck in his brain. Finally, he realized that it was Dewberry from season one of Hell's Kitchen, which I am embarrassed to admit we watched with fervor. Dr. was all excited that he had spotted a celebrity. We debated whether you could call a contestant booted from a poorly rated reality television show a celebrity. All in all, the biscuits were great, and that's what really matters.

In an unrelated note, this made me very sad.

In case you are now sad, please view the photo below. I'm sure it will help at least a little.

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Susan said...

Sammy, you are the coolest. What a pic!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks! It took a while for him to not immediately rip the glasses off and put them in his mouth, but it was worth the wait!