Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How To Piss Me Off: Part I Can't Even Effing Remember

I just got back from a shopping excursion at Babies R Us. They are having this deal right now that if you spend more than $100, an easy feat at said store, then you get a free umbrella stroller. But you need a coupon. I didn't even know about this promo until I was at the store, therefore I had no coupon. The girl who rung out my purchases informed me of the stroller offer and told me that her manager would probably print me a coupon no problem. Well, the manager, Pam, was more than a little moody and said no way. She told me that if I came back with a coupon and my receipt that I could probably get one, but there were only 3 left so I had to hurry. I rush home and go online to print out the fucker only to find that I cannot locate it. I should have just given up at this point, but I'm dumb and like getting unnecessarily entangled in wild goose chases. I got on the phone and inquired as to the location of these elusive stroller coupons only to be told that they are printed on an IN STORE flier. As in in the store. The store I was just in.

Dear Pam - I HATE YOU!

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Anonymous said...

You oughtta go back there and let Pam know what you really feel and ask to speak to her boss. We "Parents" need a store like that, but that does not give them the right to air mail the courtesy and customer service. I'm betting that if you make your complaint heard with a controlled rage that you will get some results. Demand to speak to a manager and then ask for the store address to their corporate office. It's not legal advice, but it's something your zoo buddy may or may not have done in the past. With favorable results.

Susan said...

Ugh, that blows. Sounds like Pam needs a few of those IN STORE fliers shoved up her moody ass! (But anonymous' advice will probably get you better results. Maybe the stroller could follow the fliers once/if you get it!)

super des said...

I meant to say this a while ago but I was outed from the comments thing.

Frying pan. Or Firebomb, depending onhow much you like the store.

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for all of the advice...I think I would go with frying pan, Des. I really shouldn't get myself so worked up over $12.99, right?