Sunday, September 17, 2006


We are back from the beach. We have all spent a wonderful night in our own beds. And once we woke up, we promptly took naps. The best part of coming home from any trip is always sleeping in your own bed.

The last beach vacation we had was about 17 minutes before I got pregnant. We were actively trying to knock me up, however we knew I was not pregnant at that exact moment, so the vacation was a bit on the lively side. There was a lot of drinking and smoking and dancing on tables and the like. This time, not so much. I never occurred to me that I was still going to be getting up for 3am feedings and being, you know, generally responsible for a small human during my "vacation." Honestly, it was less of a vacation and more of exactly the same thing in a different location.

Sam was so excited we gave him his very own ocean view suite that he started getting up four or five times a night just to listen to the waves. It was sweet that he wanted to share those moments with me, but I've been beach tons of times and I just wasn't as enthralled as he was. But he didn't actually like the ocean or sand touching him or anything, so we didn't get to spend much time at the beach. Even though we paid extra for an ocean front house. Nice.

All in all, I had an ok time. Even despite the testicle water. I understand now, though, the folks who drop the kids off at the grandparents' house every now and then so mom and dad can have a trip all of their own. We will be doing that at some point after he's weaned and before I get all pregnant again, that's for effing sure.

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susan said...

Yeah, they forgot to include that section about how you'll never, ever ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get another lazy vacation or even a morning to sleep in for at least the next 7 years in the recruitment packet. Next year we should pair up and hire a nanny for the boys!

Amy Jo said...

I am totally with you on that nanny idea...I bet we could get my littlest sister-in-law to do it!