Thursday, October 05, 2006

Check, Please

Today is the first time day that I am officially hating on Atlanta. In some ways, I'm surprised it took this long, but in other ways, not so much.

Perhaps the hater in me would have stayed in bed if Sam had done so for more than 45 minutes straight last night. At least I know there is an attributable cause that will (hopefully) go away as soon as possible. So I'm completely and utterly exhausted. My plan was to nap when Sam went down this morning, which I did. Unfortunately for me he decided to nap for a wee 32 minutes. Yippee!

None of this so far has anything to do with Atlanta. That hate started around 11 this morning. I had a doctor's appointment at noon, and since the office is near by, I though we'd walk instead of driving. Especially since we missed Stroller Strides for our micro-nap. For being a major metropolitan area, Atlanta sucks as far as sidewalks are concerned. A distance that should have taken about 20 minutes to travel with the stroller took 45 god-damned minutes! And I got honked at SIX times by people who didn't want to wait for me to cross the road, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THE MOTHER FUCKING RIGHT OF WAY, ASS HAT!

I get to the doctor's office on time (despite the fact that they have the incorrect address listed on their web page by about five blocks) and sign in. Only once I sat down did I realize that this office was a regular doctor's office, an outpatient plastic surgery/skin center and a non-emergency walk in clinic. The whore at the desk didn't even bother to look at my name when I signed in, so she wasn't aware that I actually had an appointment. Forty minutes later, she calls me up and says I have to pay before seeing the doctor, and the fee is $145! Um, what? I show her my insurance card, and she says, yup, $145 for non-emergency walk-ins. But I have an appointment, I say. Oh! Well then, it's only $15. Thanks, you brain dead pile of crap shaped like a person. I FINALLY get to go back into an exam room, where they are still unaware that I made an appointment over three weeks ago. The nurse guy tells me that I'll be waiting a while, so if I need to do anything for the baby, who is screaming his head off by now, this would be a good time. I inquire as to the delay and I'm informed that the doctor is having lunch with some pharmaceutical sales reps. So naturally, her scheduled appointments must be pushed back for some shills that walked in un-announced, while I was sitting in the waiting room mind you, with free lunch. I pretty much freaked out at this point, so they got some other doc to see me. After a thorough examination, he told me to take 800mg of ibuprofen twice daily and ice it after I exercise. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I DO ANYWAYS, YOU DUMB FUCKING IDIOT! I JUST TOLD YOU THAT AND YOU WROTE IT IN THE CHART!

We trudged home, and I tried to make myself feel better by purchasing a new pair of sneakers, but it didn't really help. People continued to honk at us in the crosswalk. There is a heatwave going on (which I was unaware of) so I was soaked when we got home. Sam is finally napping, and after I finish this rant of insanity, I'm going to take a shower, and then look for a job for Dr. SOB and find us a house somewhere near Philly. I don't think I'm cut out for southern living.

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super des said...

ass hat! ha ha ha!

I hate doctor's visits for so many reasons. You've touched on a few of them today.

Amy Jo said...

I know a lot of docs, and they all agreed that this lady was pretty much the worst ever!

Susan said...


I hope the shower helped to lower the blood pressure back down below Chernobyl levels. That $15 co-pay should have been refunded to you plus 1000% just to make up for the aggravation.