Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One Thing Leads To Another

It was a banner day in the casa de queso.

Sam is either teething or he has a cold. Or both. Some folks say that teething is often accompanied by a runny nose. And irritability. And diarrhea. So it's been fun 'round here!

Then Dr. SOB came home from work early. I thought it was because I had paged him about Sammy and his case of extreme whines. However, he's in the ICU this month. Turns out, all of the patients in the ICU died today. So he was in a great mood, too!

I can't wait to go and clean the toilet water off the bathroom floor because it overflowed. It should be an improvement!

Yes, there are more. If this doesn't cheer me up, nothing will.

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super des said...

It's been a stupid week for everyone. I declare International Vacation Week beginning.... NOW!

Amy Jo said...

I concur! Now someone get over here and take care of my kid!

Sudiegirl said...

OH...that lobster outfit is darling.

My sister dressed her twin boy and girl as lions one year when they were toddlers and their older sister was a it was "Prey and Predator Halloween!"

Cool blog...I'm on the blogger chicks list along with you and I'm glad I stopped by.


Amy Jo said...

Thanks Sudiegirl! I could spend days going through the Blogger Chicks list, if I only had more time!