Saturday, October 21, 2006


1. I inadvertently stole a bottle of vitamins from Target today.

2. When I wrote Sam's eight month letter the other day, I said I couldn't believe he was three quarters of a year old, when eight months is really two thirds of one year. I realized my mistake and changed it a few hours later.

Actually, I am very good at math.

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Lora said...

I stole a box of wipes from there by accident. We are totally going to bankrupt Target

Amy Jo said...

I think we should try and steal something every time we go there from now on. It should be less than $5, and there can't be any repeats, ok?

Susan said...

*Gasp* Is this the crowd I run with now?;)

Now I can confess to the pjs that I hung over my arm as I was paying for everything else, shifted to the other arm to pull out my credit card, and nonchalantly walked out the door with, sans scanning. Didn't even realize it until we were loading the bags into the car.

Amy Jo said...

We are a gang of hooligans, for sure!