Monday, October 23, 2006

Why You Should Never Hire A Pioneer Moving Systems, or the Most Self Serving Post Ever Written

A Pioneer Moving Systems is a unscrupulous company that no one should ever consider when they are planning a move. A Pioneer Moving Systems ripped us off in more ways than I can even describe. Besides breaking and losing several of our possessions, including the infamous couch cushions, A Pioneer Moving Systems manipulated and lied to us at every turn. The price A Pioneer Moving Systems quoted us for our move was off by $800, a fact they did not share with us until all of our belongings were on A Pioneer Moving Systems' truck and in their possession. We were told on the phone to have half of the money, in cash, ready up front. When A Pioneer Moving Systems arrived to move our things, we were informed that we wouldn't be able to get delivery on the date we were told unless we could come up with another couple hundred dollars in cash, up front. Again, A Pioneer Moving Systems told us this information after nearly all of our belongings had been loaded onto their truck. When our belongings arrived in Atlanta, the movers on this end were not aware that we had paid extra money to A Pioneer Moving Systems during the pick up, and were furious when we showed them our receipts. They then tried to tack on several additional charges in order to recoup that money, however we refused to pay them. Most of the items that were damaged the worst were the items that A Pioneer Moving Systems packed themselves, which was a service that A Pioneer Moving Systems recommended. We found out afterwards that A Pioneer Moving Systems charges extra for the packing service and the packing materials. We filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau, and all that A Pioneer Moving Systems offered to us in way of a settlement was $12.50. Then, because we had involved the BBB, the only way to get our $0.60 per pound for our damaged items was to actually sell it for $0.60 per pound A Pioneer Moving Systems and transfer it to them. There is so much more to tell, but to be honest, it is simply too stressful for me. In the future, I would stuff everything I could into my car and burn the rest rather than use A Pioneer Moving Systems to transport anything for me.

If you found this entry because you are thinking about hiring A Pioneer Moving Systems for your upcoming move, please email me and I will be glad to discuss this further and answer any questions you might have. If this post stops even one person from going through the mental and financial anguish that A Pioneer Moving Systems caused us to go though, then at least I can say something good came of this whole nightmare.

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super des said...

That's not who I used to move across country, and thank goodness.

I'm sorry. Need a firebomb?

Amy Jo said...

I need about 20 firebombs!