Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North VS South

Welcome to the newest feature on the Cheese Party, North VS South! Every Wednesday I am going to attempt to compare and contrast these two geographical locales in relation to something of matter to me. I'm hoping that by doing so, the Dr. and I will have an easier time deciding where the fuck to live come next July. At the end of each battle, I will declare a winner. It'll kind of be like the civil war, only in blog form and without the nasty racism. First topic: Grocery Stores!

When we lived in Philly, we had an Acme directly across the street from us. We also had several other grocery stores within just a few miles. Here in Atlanta, we have a Publix directly across the street from us, and we also live very close to several more stores. This has it's pros and cons, but that is another subject entirely.

In Philly, I wouldn't dare to get within 100 feet of the Acme after 4pm. Once people started getting released from their jobs, the place became an absolute jungle where it was every man, woman and child for themselves. People would run you over in the parking lot if they saw a good spot opening. A tweaked out body builder who couldn't figure out the self checkout once threatened Dr. SOB while he was wearing Sam in a snugli. We ended up ringing out his Icy Hot for him in order to keep him from killing my baby. The lines were eternal at all times of day or night. Shelves were never stocked, especially if the item was on sale. The produce was shitty.

Down here, it's an entirely different story. Yesterday we went to Publix at 5:45pm and the place was downright calm. We ambled up and down aisles with nary another shopper. And those few that we did encounter were polite to the point of insanity. All items were easily found, the staff was more than helpful and there wasn't a line to be seen at the checkout. The produce was fresh and crisp looking. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. As it has been every time and at every store.

I declare The South as the hands down winner of the battle of the grocery stores!

Stay tuned for next week's topic: Football! Also, I would be overjoyed to hear any ideas or suggestions from you, my dear readers, for future battles.

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super des said...

That's not fair to judge the ENTIRE north or south on ONE grovery store (each)!

Amy Jo said...

This is just the first in many battles. I'm sure there will be several other insignificant things which I use to make my supreme judgments!

MappyB said...

This is great. I'm from northern Illinois, and went to college in Statesboro, GA. It was such a shock. I moved back to Chicago, then to Wisconsin, upstate NY, now DC, and we are moving back down to south Georgia next month. I have plenty of experience with stores, etc.

I hear Publix is a great store. It doesn't beat Wegmans though, best store in the world! I wish there would be one built in Savannah by the time I get there!

Laura said...

first of all, i don't think that a battle is necessary over football. CLEARLY the eagles are the most entertaining team around and consistently perform well enough to make us think that this year might be THE year.
secondly, i don't believe that atlanta has any trader joe's stores, which is a definite point for the philly area. then again, i live in boston, so what does my opinion really matter anyway...

Lora said...

I have been to several Philly area supermarkets, and they are all battlegrounds. You just might die. It is a chance I take every time I need bread. And I can't be more disappointed in the produce.

I have been to a few Albertson's in Florida, and the experience was almost religious. Seriously, I thought I was visiting effing Mecca. The Vatican moved me less.

I do declare, the South has the North beat.
South One, North Zero

Lora said...

oh, and we used to hang out at Wegmans in high school. all the cool kids did. it rocks

Amy Jo said...

mappyb - wow you been all over! I've heard Savannah is lovely, though. good luck!

Laura - The Eagles are the awesome-est. The 'debate' is going to be more along the lines of why the hell everyone here loves college football so much. Also, they just opened the first TJ's here. We haven't been yet, but I am SO excited!

Lora - Please get Jake some kevlar for your trips to the store!

Susan said...

Can't really weigh in on this one as we do the majority of our Northern grocery shopping online (in this case, Acme ROCKS!!!!), and our Southern grocery shopping was limited to HEB -- the only game in town in San Antonio. Awesome for the variety of peppers, but rather limited in the area of oh, say, EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!