Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Post Where I Get All Mushy and Make You Want to Throw Up a Little

I've been trying to write about my trip to Philly all day, but nothing seems to adequately convey all of the things I'm feeling. Forgive me if I ramble and such, ok?

If there was one thing that stood out as my favorite moment from our trip to Philly, it would be the moment on Sunday night when Susan and I were saying goodnight. We moved to hug and both of our heads went right. We bumped noses, laughed and Susan made a joke about how she knew I appreciated her hospitality and all, but that I didn't need to french her to show it. Don't worry, Sam isn't going to have two mommies any time soon. It struck me because there wasn't even a twinge of awkwardness. Even though I've only known her for about a year, for me that moment verified my feeling that she is a true and honest friend. As in friend for life. I haven't made friends with someone that quickly since my freshman year in college. I think part of it is because of our shared motherhood experience, but there is so much more, and I can't even put my finger on what precisely. All I know is that I'm so glad we're friends!

There are so many other things that bear mentioning, but my brain is overflowing right now. I'll try and sort through it tomorrow. Please be patient, Internet! Hopefully these eye lashes will tide you over!

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super des said...

I love friends like that.

Susan said...

And now Josh wants to wire the guest room with video cameras... he's a bit miffed about missing the girl on girl action!

Me? I'm a bit teary eyed and missing you and Sammy-O like crazy! Lots of hugs and, er, platonic kissed to you both... tell the good Dr. "Thank you" for sending you to us for a bit!

jen said...

i love how the lashes match the hair...and i love how we can connect so powerfully w/ women and have it be so very delicious. good for you.

Amy Jo said...

Thanks Jen! It really hit the spot, so to speak. I was missing that connection more than I realized.

Also, I've been trying for months to get a good eyelash pic!

Susan - SOB said pretty much the same thing about missing the "action"...men!