Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sibling Rivalry

Ever since Sam became mobile, he and the cat have been waging a turf war. Compounding this situation are all of Sam's new toys. Like balls with jingly things in them. Which are a near identical version of toys we used to have for the kitty. So why was I so surprised this morning when the cat strolled over to Sam's play mat, looked me squarely in the eyes, and puked all over it?

Edited to add: Since I published this a few short minutes ago, the cat puked again directly in front of the washing machine where the baby's play mat was being washed. How do I know this? I stepped in the steaming pile with bare feet. And then he took a big dump on the rug right in front of his litter box. Since I had just given him some treats, he probably thinks I was rewarding his disgusting behaviour. Yipee!

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super des said...

Wow, that cat is pissed at you.

Amy Jo said...

And yet, he snuggles up with me every chance he gets. He really is a good boy, and he's very patient with the baby. I love my kitty!

Susan said...

I'm glad someone else views it as sibling rivalry! They really can find the most disgusting ways to get back at you.

Amy Jo said...

He was just having a bad day, I think. He seems happier today. He was just giving Sammy some kisses.