Sunday, October 29, 2006

We Are the Champions, My Friend

Sam won the Boo at the Zoo costume contest today! Here he is along with the other winners! It was all very exciting. For me, that is. Funny thing, though, because today's zoo festivities were geared towards Atlanta's Hispanic population, so Sam's prize was Disney's El Zorro y El Sabueso.

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super des said...

ah, yo adoro El Zorro y El Sabueso.

Frankly, I'm surprised that Sam likes sitting in that bucket so much.

Amy Jo said...

He's a very patient baby, thank god!

Susan said...

Maybe it's just all part of the Dr.'s plan to teach him Spanish.

Will the lobster pot double as his candy-bucket for trick-or-treating?

Anonymous said...


Kids Furniture Crazy

Amy Jo said...

Thanks Kids Furniture Crazy. What?

Susan - we are not trick-or-treating because mama's ass doesn't need any more padding! Is Little Guy?

Susan said...

(Forgot I had posted a question comment here... will the brain EVER return?!)
As you probably figured out, yes, the whole fam-damily went to the 'burbs and made the rounds with Cait, etc. It's a good thing LG is still fairly slow when it comes to walking (which he insisted on doing) or we would have made it to far too many houses. The cute factor was already scoring the kiddos double treats at the houses that we did make it to. Thankfully Big Guy and Q were willing to divy up said loot and eat most of it... my ass doesn't need another layer of chocolate, either!!!