Wednesday, November 22, 2006


On monday, Sam and I were at the park. As we strolled, I noticed two small children out with their father. I had seen them there before. The little girl was about three and her brother was a few years older. As I was approaching them, I noticed that the little boy was wearing a santa hat, and I hollered to him that he looked great. He turned to me, spread his arms open wide, and exclaimed 'I look like Christmas!' His face was shining and his eyes were bright, and then he ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. A second later his little sister joined him. I had to pause to keep the tears from spilling over. Something about the pure joy in their expressions really touched me. Throughout the week, whenever I had a down moment, I would recall their faces and I would feel lighter right away.

Thank you.

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Cheddarina said...

Hi Amy Jo. What a beautiful post! My eyes welled up, too. Found you surfing, and I had to laugh because my Bug and I have a cheese blog, too. It's just because we Aquariuses are so cool...

Happy Thanksgiving.

super des said...

That's very cute. But the father should warn his children about hugging strange women.

Susan said...

"I look like Christmas!"... that's so sweet! Glad you got such a great start on the holidays and that you chose to share that warmth with all of us!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks cheddarina! I was so hoping my son would be born a week early so he, too, would be an aquarius just like me and his dad. But we ended up with a pices! Oh well! And I'll be sure to check out the Zen of Cheese. I am always down with cheese blogs.

I guess I must have a trustworthy look about me des. Also, I enjoy a good hugging, so maybe that showed!

Susan - I am so sad that I'm missing the cookie party. Next year, I keep repeating to myself, next year!