Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cat Food Or Baby Food? Cheese Party's First Annual Holiday Contest Extravaganza!

Because of my undying fear of meat in jars, I decided that I was going to make all of little Sammy's baby food from actual real food. This has worked out well for me. I'm not much of a cook because I lack the ability to care about details. I never cook the meat just right, and I never season anything properly. Luckily for me, the rules for cooking baby food are: cook the hell out of all meats, don't season anything and then throw it in the blender. It's a match made in heaven.

I was feeding Sam some chicken divine last week, and Dr. SOB pointed that the pureed meat dishes I was serving the babe were remarkable similar in appearance to the canned food that we occasionally feed our kitty Simon. And a seed was planted. I present to you the first ever Cheese Party Holiday Contest Extravaganza: Cat Food or Baby Food? A quiz to delight and tantalize! Winner will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks to help fuel your holiday outings, or to a store of their choosing, as I haven't purchased it yet. I just picked Starbucks because there is one across the street. You will also be the guest of honor at the Cheese Party for one day, and I will extol the virtues of your blog without cease.

Email your answers to by 12:00 pm EST on Thursday December 7. In the event of a tie, please tell me the ingredients/names for numbers 1 and 5. Any reasonable answers will be accepted!

Good luck!








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Rashenbo said...

EWWWW, none of those look yummy! Although, most of them look familiar.

Good luck with your contest!

Amy Jo said...


I will admit to having tasted all of the baby foods in there, and they aren't that bad. Just bland. I made Dr. SOB taste one without telling him what it was and he was more than a little hesitant!

Valerie said...

Oh Crap. Caitlyn actually eats Simon's crunchies. Yes, I win the bad mother award! I'll go back and forth and send you my guess.

Amy Jo said...

Good luck, Val!

Sam has tried to get Simon's dry cat food as well, but we barricaded the kitchen so now he can't get at it!

regular des said...

I don't know if I want to play this game. Or look at baby food ever.

This is why the cat only gets dry food.

I played a game almost like this at a baby shower. We had to discern fllavors of unlabeled baby food, without tasting. Since I know nothing about baby food, I lost. I will lose this too.

Amy Jo said...

Why are you 'regular' des now? What happened to 'super' des? Inquiring minds want to know!

Susan said...

Another good reason for us to remain a "mushy-cat-food" free household. Although, truth be told, Little Guy likes the kibble as well as his Gerber puffs. And actually seems to prefer cat-saliva flavored water. I draw the line at him slurping from the toilet bowl, though. Just in case you were worried.

I am guessing that #4 is babyfood. Unless it's that extra special kitty food shipped in from Chernobyl. Yummo!

regular des said...

I'm regular des because I felt regular. I wanted to see who would notice, and so far you're the second. I'm actually thinking of changing my blog name to that, but it might be to tricky, what with all the links & whatnot.

PunditMom said...


Amy Jo said...

AS far as I can tell, the babe likes all of it. At least the ones that are baby food!

Jenny said...

Yick. This is a trick right? They're all cat food, right?

Amy Jo said...

Jenny - I thought about doing that, but it wouldn't be fair. Indeed several of them are baby food!